BBC And Intel Release New Doctor Who Minigame

10th Apr 2013 | 10:01

Doctor Who comes to Knowhow, and there are lots of prizes on offer

As the build-up to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who commences, the BBC has teamed up with Intel to create a new mini game – giving away signed Doctor Who goodies and a Sony UltrabookTM, along with 100 copies of the new Doctor Who game.

The minigame celebrates the launch of the Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock game on Intel’s AppUp app centre (known as Knowhow in the UK). All reagistered players of the mini-game will also receive 60% off the full game.

The Knowhow and AppUp app centres, built for PCs, offer easily-downloadable programs and games – some paid-for and some free – much as the iOS and Google Play stores do for mobile.

The minigame and offer are only live until the end of the month, so get clicking!

Doctor Who
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